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The credibility crisis of public health messaging

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The Moderna COVID vaccine

Garbage in, garbage out

The Pfizer COVID vaccine

Winter is coming

What does "I believe in science" actually mean?

The Nobel prize winning technology that could be bigger than COVID: CRISPR-Cas9 wins the Nobel Prize

The Great Barrington Declaration and COVID Tribalism

Shut up and dribble

Mask deniers and the Swiss Cheese model

Trump's post COVID return to work

Trump has COVID: How is this political?

Trump has COVID: A look at what we know

What can we learn from COVID superspreaders?

COVID - where are we now?

Everything you know about fitness is a lie

Athlete hearts and COVID

The halted AztraZeneca vaccine trial shows why you should always leave a note

Is precision medicine mostly nonsense?

Be prepared: a COVID vaccine is coming before the election

"Listen to the science" isn't a panacea

Slow the testing down, please

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Convalescent plasma fails the parachute test

The present and future personalized nutrition

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"I'm trying to get healthy so I've been juicing"

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Bill Gates has 'one weird trick' to fix US COVID testing

The least healthy "healthy" breakfast

Should we open school this fall?

The road to hell is paved with biologic plausibility

Covid-19 infection leads to long term effects on the heart

COVID has meant less health care. What does that mean for our health?

What your doctor doesn't know about your cholesterol

The best COVID response in the United States

The World's Healthiest Cookie explains our COVID response

"Should my dad be taking Lipitor?"

Why are there so many COVID experts?

The ongoing hydroxychloroquine saga

Are you going to die if you get COVID?

News about vaccines

What is the COVID-15?

Is a mask *really* that big a deal?

COVID and metabolic health: Part 2

If I get intubated, give me dexamethasone!

Looting as a window into our healthcare system

Are COVID deaths caused by poor metabolic health?

The biggest missed COVID opportunity

A tale of two health care systems

Should you do your own research or rely on the experts?

White coats for black lives


COVID-19: the great unequalizer


Is it time to sell your bitcoin to buy Moderna stock?

What does telehealth have in common with pornography?

Questions about testing

The myth of the healthcare hero

Are we all just shitty doctors?

Another COVID Q&A

What kind of future does telemedicine promise?

So, now can we call remdesivir a miracle drug?

Is COVID really the weirdest disease of all time?

Some good news

COVID-19 Q and A

A post COVID-19 hangover is a real thing

Does being fat make you more likely to die of COVID?

Do I want to be DNR?

Should you take blood thinners when you get COVID?

Is it safe to "open up" the economy?

What the hell do we have to lose?

Is remdesivir the COVID miracle we've been waiting for?

There are no emergencies in a pandemic

The hardest part of taking care of COVID patients

COVID on the ventilator

COVID takes our breath away

The duck test for COVID

Is hydroxychloroquine a miracle cure for COVID?

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