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The year of Ozempic?

Holy crap - CRISPR is here

Interpreting conflicting evidence

Are stents better than a placebo?

Gene editing for heart disease

Podcast: why don't we use the best biomarkers?

Nobody knows anything

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Is an Afib ablation life saving?

How much Afib means you have Afib?

Long Covid is real. Most long Covid research is nonsense

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A diet to prevent Alzheimers?

Bronny James has a cardiac arrest

Exercise misinformation from JAMA

Aspartame, cancer, and the WHO

Testosterone and cardiovascular disease

Inflammation and heart disease

The wellness media ecosystem is a scam

In defense of stress tests

What is long Covid?

The inevitable Ozempic backlash

The cynical case against all stress tests

Making stress tests obsolete

Wearables: the Apple Watch, Whoop, Oura ring - lifesaving devices or useless data collectors?

Preventive medicine means overtreatment

Does Covid increase heart attack risk?

Artificial sweeteners are either killing you or not killing you

A new statin alternative... how good is bempedoic acid?

ChatGPT passes the medical licensing exam

Don't fall in love with the biology

The evolution of a nutrition agnostic

The experts are misinforming us

Quick hits - New Year's Resolutions, a (hopefully final) word on masks, and OTC fish oil

Anti-vax confidence and the certainty of knowing nothing

Covid vaccines and myocarditis

Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest